Monday, September 5, 2016

Ringing in 2015

Quality sledding time happened during the 2014 holidays.  In addition to sledding we also spent a lot of time building a snow fort in the front yard.  Epic snowball battles took place all week long.

 The wonderful Heydt family invited us over to ring in the New Year.  The boys always have a blast with Josh and Natalie and if you add poppers and noise makers it makes for one wild party!

And that is a wrap on 2014, Dillon is proof it was a blast but eventually he crashed!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Christmas 2014

Christmas Eve is fun family time that started with baking cookies for Santa.  Payson is a great help in the kitchen and come up with a lot of creative ideas.  We attempted a few family photos, but Brewer just had to be included!

 Daddy always reads T'was The Night Before Christmas and then we tried for some cute Christmas pajamas photos.  It was not easy with two very excited little boys.  The cookies and milk were set out and then off to bed!

 Wow - we are very blessed - so many wonderful gifts and Santa's sleigh was very full!

Cousin Owen came over to for breakfast and to open presents - presents that were ripped open very quickly!

 Todd and I love the CSU game - bring on summer BBQ!

Now - time to play with all of our new toys!